Saturday, January 7, 2017

Not Mind Over Matter, Heart/Spirit Over Mind (August 29th, 2016)

Hello everyone!

This week we had a lesson with our friend Osorio who is preparing for
baptism on the 6th! And it is really hard to teach him because he is
learning English and he speaks Indonesian which sounds nothing like
anything I have ever heard before, so I cannot help in any way, shape,
or form. My last companion, Sister Chiping, however can talk to him
and understand him, but she moved to Romford right after we started
meeting with Osorio. Have no fear, Skype has come to the rescue!
Another thing is that we have only been able to see him on Tuesday's
because he works so much.

We were having a lot of headaches about getting him prepared to be
baptised at an earlier time, but my head was screaming, he isn't
ready! He has not been taught everything! A long time ago I promised
myself that I would never baptise someone who was not converted. I
never wanted to baptize someone that went inactive in a years time.
But my companion asked me, are you thinking with your heart or with
your mind? And if any of you know me, you know that i am a very
logical thinker. I think a whole lot with my head.

So last week we had a really important lesson with Osorio. As we
taught and and Sister Chiping translated I was praying in my mind,
"Please help me feel the spirit. Please help my mind to stop spinning
and my heart to start feeling." So as I was trying to pay attention to
what was going on, Osorio asked a very important question. He asked if
you sinned before you knew it was wrong was it still a sin and could
you still be forgiven? And then, I saw. Or I guess I felt. Here was a
child of God who wanted to be a new and better person. He wanted to
come closer to Christ. When we told him that we he was not ready to be
baptised the first time around he was really sad. And that was a sweet
moment. I was able to look into his eyes and feel the desire he had to
feel the cleansing power of baptism.

And something happened to my thoughts. Instead of he isn't ready, it
became we need to do everything possible to get him baptized asap! He
is prepared.

Prayer is real. Desire is real. And God is so very real.

I know this church is true. Not because I know everything, but what I
DO know is enough to trust God on the rest. And I just need to get out
of my own head, out of my own way, and let the big guy who actually
knows what he is doing, take over.

Love y'all!

Sister Lisa Haynie!

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