Saturday, January 7, 2017

🎶Keep It Positive🎶 (September 19th, 2016)

Hello everyone! I hope you have had a fantastic week because I have!
And I am so excited to tell you about it!

So this week we had both an exchange and Zone Conference! Both in
London! They were both great! I was with sister Rigetto (pronounced
hee-get-oh from Brazil) and she is so amazing! She was trained by my
last companion, Sister Yucra Laura. I learned a lot as always and I
have seen a few things that I need to improve on.

Then we had Zone Conference on Thursday and we were in London like all
day. It is strange how I have gotten more and more used to London. I
remember how stressed I would get on the tubes and figuring out what
stop to get off at and where to go, but now I almost don't even need
to look at a map.

At first the meeting was really good, almost so good that it was bad
because there were so many things that I realised I needed to improve
on, and usually at that point I would start to get a bit down because
it was overwhelming how many things I needed to work at. Somewhere in
the middle, I got this gigantic boost of energy and desire to turn
things around and to do my best! I was so excited to go back to
Huntingdon and get back to work! We got back really late but I was
still excited to the next day!

We had this appointment with Ieva, from Lithuania. She is 23 and I
love her! She is so prepared! And the lesson we had with her and a
member named Daniel, was filled with the spirit. By the end, I was
smiling so big that Daniel had to basically tell me to calm down.
Daniel then drove Ieva, Sister Barnjak, and I to a members house, the
Garricks, where we had dinner and Ieva really enjoyed herself there
too. At the end brother Garrick asked Ieva if she wanted to come to
church and she said yes! Then the next day we had another lesson with
her at Daniels house. We talked about the plan of Salvation ( my
FAVORITE lesson to teach!) and Ieva is now preparing to be baptised on
the 29 of October!!

But wait the story doesn't end there! She came to church and as sister
Garrick was driving her, she asked Ieva if she knew that it would be 3
hours long. She said no, but she stayed the whole time even though she
was really tired. She said she liked it too!

And I attest it all to the change in my attitude! I have never loved
serving the Lord so much to see these miracles first hand! I love the
gospel so much and I just want everyone to know how much it has
blessed my life and my family's lives! God has truly shown his love
for me! Just for me as I see his hand work on this Earth!

I love the Book of Mormon so much! It is really a gift for us! To
read, to treasure, to apply to our lives! It has brought me such
peace! If you haven't read it in a while, pick it up again and pray
about it! If you already know and love it, share it! "Flood the earth
with the Book of Mormon"

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