Saturday, January 7, 2017

Happy, Blessed, Serving the Lord! (December 19th, 2016)

So this week has had some ups and some downs. And I am happy to say that the ups have out numbered the downs!

We found a new friend at the beginning of this last week. Her name is Melissa and she is so sweet! We knew that she was a blessing sent to us! We got to see her again and she is just the sweetest! Unfortunately, due to family concerns, she has decided that the gospel is not for her, but she is still lovely and a wonderful person!

But I have been thinking a lot about this. Why does god send us miracles to just have them putter out and die when we literally jumped up and down we were so excited, and then within a few days, or within a few weeks the miracles die out or they never turn into what we envisioned?

For a while it bothered me, but I came to realise something... I'm human! If God only ever sent me those who were prepared and were the ones I was meant to teach, it would be a long, lonely, miserable road until I got to them, until the time was right. I would probably lose the faith to press on and keep trying to find them. I would give up. But these miracles, these tender mercies, though they may not last as long as we want them to, that they actually blessing of encouragement! They are actually reminders that god really IS there and that he is more than aware of our wants and desires and that he is right beside us.

And that is what I believe he has done once again. Though we were sad about Melissa, God was helping us to keep the faith so we could find our wonderful friend, Toni!! 

She really is a miracle and we almost missed her completely! The first time we ever saw her, we only said hi, and she actually said a jolly hi back. But she really needed the gospel, because that's same day, only hours later, we saw her again! We stopped and talked to and she said that she had been looking for a church since she has moved here! Ahh! Music to our ears. So we invited her to church, but we asked if she wanted a chapel tour before so she knew where she would go for classes and things on Sunday. So we had it this last Saturday morning and I was nervous, because I had never given a chapel tour before. BUT IT WAS THE MOST SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE I HAVE HAD IN A LONG TIME! When we went into the Sacrament room, the spirit was so strong, it was undeniable!

I am so thankful for the miracles that gods sends us, and I am also thankful for the struggles that help me to be more grateful for the little tender mercies. 

Before I go, I just want to share one more thought. This whole #LightTheWorld Christmas initiative has really got me thinking. What a blessing technology is. We get a lot of trainings on how to use our iPads or Facebook to spread the gospel. And this epiphany has hit me and I just want to pose it to you all. Did you know that the only reason you are all blessed to have the internet, a smart phone, Facebook is because God created these inventions to better spread his gospel? Well it is true. Sure people use it unwisely, but you get that with anything good. But isn't that an incredible thought?

I'll let you ponder on that one.

But just know that I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a missionary! To wear my Savior's name over my heart every single day! And to learn to be happy always no matter what happens, rain or shine (rain more often than shine) because I have the greatest gospel anyone could ever have! And all I do all day is share it!

I hope you all continue to catch the spirit of this very special time of the year!


Sister Lisa Haynie!

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