Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I Love the Little Things (October 7th, 2015)

So the work has been really slow this week. Our teaching pool is
really small. Most of those we see on a weekly basis are less actives
and recent converts with members sprinkled in here and there. So for a
while I was feeling pretty down about what we were accomplishing. And when we would call in during the evenings to report our progress I would feel really unhappy about how "unsuccessful" we were in finding
and teaching investigators.

But this week, I have been able to find the sunshine in the gloomy
time. ( that is not just a metaphor folks. It has been overcast for
pretty much this entire last week.)

So first off, THIS WEEK WAS GENERAL CONFERENCE! And oh man was it different listening to it as a missionary! I loved every single talk, even though it was really strange with the major time difference.
That's right, when the rest of you were beginning the afternoon
sessions, I was preparing for bed because it was 10 pm here in
England. So I still need to watch the Sunday afternoon session and he
women's general session, but I'm sure every last message will be as boss as every message I heard so far!

The other cool part about this is that we were able to watch it in a
members home, where there is a member of the family who is less active and he watched it with us! And when the member of the family was giving us a lift home, she said that we sometimes may feel like we are not doing well, but just the fact that we were around him, he was able to feel the spirit. At the end of the session this less active member said that he really enjoyed it!

Just yesterday we had a lesson with a less active recent convert and the spirit was so strong. We really pondered on what we should teach him, and the lesson was so wonderful!

Last but not least, we are seeing Wicked! That is why I have not
written until today.

Just saw it and it was AWESOME! Oh man! Now I understand what everyone is on about!

As to the title of my email, there is an EFY song entitled this, and I
encourage all of you to look it up!

I love you and am thankful for all you do! Shout out to Brette, got
your card today! Thank you!

God is good and his hand can always be seen! You just have to be looking for it!

- Sister Haynie

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