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Forever in Huntingdon! (July 26th, 2016)

So tomorrow is transfers and guess what will happen? If you couldn't
guess from  subject line, I will let you in. I am staying in
Huntingdon! For a third transfer and probably for another one after
that. Because sister Chiping will be leaving to Romford :( and my new
companion apparently, I will kill (mission lingo for sending them
home) her. Her name in Sister YucraLaura she was born in Peru and grew
up in Spain. Yes! I am so excited! Hopefully I will learn Spanish!

Three weeks ago I hit my year mark on my mission and this last week I
hit my year mark in the field. I have been thinking a lot about a lot
of things lately. Especially with the recent achievement of being on a
mission for a year, I have been thinking forward. Don't worry I am not
trunky, but I have been thinking about what I want to accomplish in
these next 6 months. When I think about what I have done so far this
last year, 6 months is not very long and I have a lot that I want to
do before I have to take off the badge. We were also at a ward
activity and I was talking to a member who actually served her mission
in Mesa Arizona, and I asked her what it was like to come back from a
mission. Awful. That was pretty much it. She said that while you are
on the mission, yes it is hard at times, but when you come home it
isn't the same kind of hard. Off the mission you don't have the same
kind of spiritual strength as you do while you devote all time and
attention to serving the Lord.

Now you might think that what she said would scare me but it actually
just made me really think about what I want to do with this last six
months. I really don't want to waste it. It got me pumped to have
renewed energy, to work so hard, and I really just want to forget
myself and go to work. I want to do more than I have ever done! So I
am excited!!

This week has been great preparation for this. We finally got to meet
with this referral that we received about a month ago online. Her name
is Abbey and she is so prepared. I am so excited to be able to see her
story unfold!

I am thankful for this gospel. It makes life better. Life isn't
perfect but it could always be a lot worse! I know I am blessed as I
continue to do the things that Heavenly Father asked me to do!

Love you all and have a great week!

Sister Lisa Haynie!

Me in a barley field on one of the church farms out here. It is sunny again! Yes!


Sister Chiping and I found this on some random garage door. So cute!

Onward, Forever Onward! (July 18th, 2016)

This week was great! We talked to people on the street all week! My
talking skills have improved greatly and my ability to handle
rejection has enlarged. I a, super proud of this (but not in the bad
kind of way) because I remember how I could not even talk to people
let alone take them saying no or telling me I am out of my bloomin'
mind.  However there are a lot of tender mercies. There are lots of
people who are so thankful that we are willing to do what we do. Even
though they may not be members of our church or even believers in God,
they appreciate that people are willing to stand up for good things
that they believe.

This week I was also really tired. Like really tired. Not sure why,
possibly because it is finally getting warm here and it can be hard to
sleep at night because I am not used to it. But it has taken a lot of
will power and Gods grace to get out and work. But I am always happy
at the end of a hard days work.

Last but not least, the Sister Training Leaders who serve in he London
North area came down to help us find new people to teach. Partially
because we need the help and partially because one of them, Sister
Swann from Australia, started her mission here a year ago and want to
come back and visit. Well not really visit, but verbally kick some of
the people she taught and baptized in the butt for not going to church
anymore. It was really cool! But the coolest part was that you could
see the love that she had for these people. And the love that had for
her. That is how you know someone is a good missionary.

Anyways gotta run, but it love you all, and I know this church is
true! It has changed me into someone that is way better than who I was
before and I will be forever grateful to my Heavenly Father for this
opportunity to serve His children!

Love y'all!


Sister Lisa Haynie!

Bowling with the Bedford district and Jared, and RM in the ward. In St. Neots (said nee-its)


This is my ward mission leaders family! I love them so much! The Clows!

Miracles Without End! (July 12th, 2016)

So this week was tough. Period. Now I know that numbers are NOT
important but our numbers were probably worst in the mission. But it
was a good check for myself as to wether or not I felt like God was
happy with the work I did, or if numbers were all that mattered. And I
passed. I think. Even though our numbers were low ( not that I didn't
care,) but I didn't care. My poor companion was getting so frustrated
and I am sure she felt bad, because we did go out and work hard even
though the " numbers " didn't show it.

I learned not only that it is more important how you feel you are in
standing with God, but also that we cannot control everything. We had
a really good training with the Europe area president a few weeks
back, Elder Kearon, and one thing he really focused on was to work
hard but stop worrying about everything. Some things are just out of
our control. So worry about yourself and what you CAN do.

And for a bit, I thought that the miracles might just have run out in
this area with us. That all the juice would be gone because all the
miracles and blessings we saw with George and Jade. But last night I
learned a couple other lessons. One is that blessings to come at the
very end, which means that we have to endure until then to see the
fruit of our labours. And also that there is no such thing as miracle
juice. Miracles come to anyone who is willing to look and to wait and
to work for them. So never stop looking! There are miracles without
end. And just because they seem to be in short supply at this time in
our lives, don't forget the ones that have happened before. They are
still as real now as they were then.

Last night we had only 40 minutes to talk to people because the rest
of the day was pretty much full of meetings and traveling and going to
a ward activity. I really just wanted to go home and go to sleep, but
sister Chiping  really wanted to find a new friend to teach, so of
course I wasn't going to deny her that, so we walked around at 8:20
and tied to talk to people. No go. So we start to head home and we
walk down high street and there are a few people are there as well,
(which is weird because all the shops here close at 5 on high street)
but we saw this guy and we stopped him and at first it sounded like he
was from Australia, but spoke Portuguese. And when we offered to get
him a Book of Mormon in Portuguese he said that Indonesian would be
better, and then sister Chipings eyes got really big and then a whole
bunch of noise came out of her mouth that I understood nada of. But
the guy she was talking to seemed to understand what she said, and
then he started making a bunch of noise that made no sense to me.
Turns out that this guy (who actually has a name and it is Osorio) is
from Indonesia and and the language he speaks can understand sister
Chipings language! And he was super interested! He said that he was
looking for someone to teach him about Christianity and was so happy
that we were there! Such a miracle!

Oh yes! And we had interviews! I love President and Sister Stevens are
amazing people and I am so thankful for their support. When I talk to
them, I can just feel their love for me!

I love you all! I know that God is real and he is watching out for us,
we just have to watch out for him to seem him work the miracles.

Until next week!

Sister Lisa Haynie!

This is a training we had during zone training meeting from our zone leaders. Funny considering our calling.


My dear Huntingdon area! ( this was right before we met Osorio!)

🎉🇺🇸Happy Independence Day🇺🇸🎉 (July 4th, 2016)

Happy Fourth of July! 🇺🇸 🎉

Or as they would say here in England, happy treason day!

It is such a bummer. In Huntingdon, we even have an American Air Force
base but instead of doing all the celebrations today, a Monday, my
preparation day, a day when I could actually do things other than
missionary work, the actual day of the holiday, ... They did all the
celebrations on Friday and Saturday. Whatever. I'm not bitter about it
or anything though.

This last Friday was special though. My friend Jade was able to get
baptised! She is so amazing! She has had a tough life, and her life
will probably continue to be tough, but she now has the tools she
needs to go through it with strength and still have happiness despite
the trials. She is such an example to me!

The spirit that was felt was so great! Especially for Jade! One of the
talks given at her baptism said that she should write down what she
felt so she can look back on it when times get tough and she will be
able to remember. Remember what she felt, saw, heard. Because when she
goes back and reads it again, the spirit will be able to testify to
her, yes what she did was right. I think that is the reason we read
our scriptures, say our prayers and attend our church meetings. These
are times when we put ourselves in a place where the spirit can talk
to us, and we will hear it.

Life gets tough. We all know this. We can get so caught up that we
forget those moments where we knew, we knew with no doubt, that God
was there and that he is real and that he is so good to us.

DON'T FORGET! Remember!

Isn't that why we have holidays like the Fourth of July? So we
remember all those who fought for our freedom. Who gave their lives so
we could live better ones. If we didn't remember, we would take our
rights and freedoms for granted. We would forget what it was like not
to have them.

We need to continually celebrate our God and what he has done for us.

I am so thankful for those who have gone before me and sacrificed so
that I could know the truths of the Gospel! For the pioneers of the
church, my own family, and my Savior who paid the greatest price so
that I could have happiness in this life and in the next! And those in
the Book of Mormon who sacrificed to make sure that they wrote it all
down so we could REMEMBER. So we could learn from their lives, their
triumphs and falls. I am so thankful for a God who has a plan for us
and never leaves us even when we think he is gone. Just look for him
and you will be able to find him.

I love you all and hope that you have a blessed week!


Sister Lisa Haynie!

Livin the Dream!

Me, Sister Chiping (Malaysia), Jade! (England), Elder Wen (Hong Kong), Elder Warburton (Texas)


Just thought this was interesting. This is in front of the Mission Office in London, and in England I have seen every colour bus, including the famous double decker red buses of London, except the yellow school. But ta-da! Almost felt like I was back in America!

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Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel, and Witness the Miracles! (June 27th, 2016)

This week has been so crazy. Time flies when you are having fun!

This week sister Chiping and I have just been working so hard. And this week has been really strange because in the mornings it was super
muggy, really sunny, and fairly hot and then in the evenings it would
rain, be cloudy and get cold, so it was really hard to decide what to
wear each day.

We are also so excited for this week! Our very dear friend, Jade will
be getting baptized on Friday! This girl has been through so much in
her life! And she has overcome! She truly has been prepared for this
time in her life to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It has changed
her life over night. The day we met her was a miracle. We were not
supposed to be there. She was not supposed to be there. But we stopped
and talked to her and prayed with her there on the street for her and
the troubles she was facing and it was like the windows of heaven were

And I know that if Jade could find Christ through the trials she
faced, we all can. She also has such a clear perspective of her
purpose now and the retrospect that the things that have happened to
her have happened for a reason and that now she has the ability to
help others who have been in tough situations.  She is so strong. I
hope to be that strong!

Yesterday we also were able to have stake conference. It was so good!
The stake president had a really good analogy to him giving his kids
bikes and Christ providing the atonement. If you want it explained let
me know. So good.

But I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is so true! That we need to
do all that we can do to be close to him so he can bless us.

I am so thankful that I get to Live the Dream every single day. I get
to share what makes me happy and what changes people's lives for the
better! It is so amazing to have a front row seat to a show of

Gotta run! Love you all and have a blessed week. And for all of you
who are back in Arizona, please enjoy the summer for me!


Sister Lisa Haynie

This is us with the one, the only, Jade! She worked from Saturday night to eight on Sunday morning and still went to church!


And this is this is me at a members house, trying to be a snake charmer.🐍

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