Saturday, January 7, 2017

How Come It Took So Long? (December 5th, 2016)


Man this week has flown by so fast! I cannot even believe it! But I
guess I have to! Let me see if I can remember everything that has

Monday we got the call that Sister Vizaco would move and I would be training!😱

Tuesday Sister Vizaco said good-bye to people and we went and had some
retail therapy, buT we didn't buy much, but it was still nice!πŸ’·

Wednesday we went to London to send sister Vizaco to her new area, and
then I was at the mission home the rest of the day, preparing to meet
my new companion, straight out of the MTC! Ahhh! I was so nervous, I
thought I was going to be sick. But I didn't, I kept my cool 😎
Finally, after waiting forever, they arrived!

My new companion is Sister Pail (pronounced pile) and she is from
Austria πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ή! I was really hoping to get a companion that spoke
German! Yes now I have had companions from basically all over the
world! And Sister Pail is amazing! She is all I would wish for in a
trainee! I am proud to call her my daughter!

Something interesting, right before we met our trainees, one of the
APs (assistants to President Stevens) said that we had a great
responsibility for these missionaries and we probably met them before
this life. I thought that was interesting... and I moved on being
nervous. But having spent a half a week with Sister Pail, I think it
is true. She reminds me of someone I know but I just cannot put my
finger on it. So who knows! Anyways...

Thursday was District Meeting. I love District Meeting. Now we have
Zone Leaders AND Sister Training Leaders in our
five-companionship-District of St. Albans. Super cool! So much spirit
and power in one room!

Friday we set our vision for this transfer and we set a goal to have a
white Christmas! We want to have a friend enter the waters of Baptism
on Christmas/Eve of. We know that it is totally possible but it is
going to take a lot of work. However it felt right and the Spirit was

Saturday. Ward Christmas Party!

Sunday. Church. I love church. I will always love church!

All week we have been trying to find those who are prepared to receive
the gospel of Jesus Christ, and we have been meeting a ton of really
cool people, but none of them are ready for the gospel right now. But
I trust in Heavenly Father. He knows who is ready and where we can
find them. And I can feel it! I can just feel that there is someone
right around the corner who wants this gift we have to give! This next
week, we will find out I guess!

I love you all! I hope that you have as great a week as I plan on
having this week! Jesus Christ is my Savior! He loves me despite my
imperfection. He loves you too! Don't forget it!


Sister Lisa Haynie

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