Saturday, January 7, 2017

🎢 There Can Be Miracles! When You Believe! 🎢 And Work Really Hard! (November 21st, 2016)

Hello all!

This week has been miraculous!

To start off, we got a referral from online requesting a Book of
Mormon! Miracle! We never get referrals! So we went to visit, but no
one was home, so we called the number we had and she picked up and
said to come back in a couple days!
We went back and taught the first lesson about the restoration! And
were able to to teach her about the importance of baptism being done
by those who hold the proper authority and she will be preparing for
baptism on the 18 of December! Ahhhh! She is such a miracle!

But wait that isn't it! Later that week we were knocking on some doors
and sharing a Christmas video about Jesus Christ. On one of the last
doors, a young mum and her two energetic boys opened and said they
would be happy to hear the message, but if we could come back the next
day, since they had just got home from a long trip and were having
dinner. So of course we come back the next day and share the video
with the mum and we get talking. She started asking us questions about
what our religion was. We told her that we are Christians from the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, commonly known from the
nickname "Mormons" and she said that she has an auntie who is a
Mormon. And we were like, what is her name we might know her! Turns
out we do, really well!! And this mum is interested in hearing our
message and we will be seeing her this week! Miracle!

Also this Friday the church is coming out with this years Christmas
initiative and I cannot wait! It is called, πŸ’‘Light the World 🌎  And
its whole idea is about serving others all of December! I am so
excited πŸ˜†. This year I am really excited for Christmas πŸŽ„! I have
never been this excited for Christmas this early, I usually have to
wait until after thanksgiving before i will even admit it is Christmas
time once again. And no I haven't forgotten thanksgiving πŸ¦ƒ. We have a
member who is rolling out a proper American feast for my companion and

Oh oh! And shout out to my favorite little sister Carson and my
favorite father, HAPPY BIRTHDAY πŸŽ‰ I hope you guys have a marvelous
feast on the 24th, all thanks to you being born!

I hope you all know I love you! I love the gospel of Jesus Christ
which seems to be the only thing to pick me up when I am down. My
Savior lives, choices is important, and trials are real but for our

Until next week!


Sister Lisa Haynie!

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