Saturday, January 7, 2017

Transfer #13. Last Stop! (January 2nd, 2017)

So I know that it hasn't been very long since I last emailed, but I
feel Like so much and absolutely nothing has happened in the last few

First off, Happy New Year!!! How did I see the new year in? The old
fashioned, boring, missionary way. I slept through it! It was great!
We even had an earlier curfew which was great because it was cold and
wet and rainy. But the next day was really cool! We got to go to
church on New Years!

All four of us Sister missionaries gave talks on Jesus Christ and
missionary work, so we all coordinated and each had a different part
of his life. Birth, Earthly Ministry, Atonement, and After death. It
was way cool! I will never forget it!

I just have to give a shout out to my way awesome mission-daughter!
She is way awesome!

We were out last night street contacting. Was it sunny? Or warm? Or
dry? Or still? NO! It was cold, dark, windy, and rainy! Quadruple
threat. Not the best circumstances for trying to talk to people about
Jesus Christ. Oh, and not to mention, but I will, it was also a
holiday. So yeah, it was a bit rough, but Sister Pail is awesome.
In my exchange that I went on last Tuesday, I made a goal to do crazy
things in finding to mix things up. So far I have stopped people by
asking them if they wanted to be baptized, I have offered blessings on
homes when we went tracting, and I have carried around a sleeve of
caramel digestive (addictively good) biscuits and offered them to
random stranger (and strange enough, no one accepted them.)

But that night, Sister Pail was the one who was being crazy. We were
stepping up onto the sidewalk and we passed a guy as he was getting
into his car. We smiled and said hello, as you do, and he actually
smiled back and returned the hello. So Sister Pail turned to me and
said, "Do you want to do something crazy?" and before I could respond,
she turned back to the man and knocked on his window! And he rolled it
down! And we talked to him for about 15 minutes! and we set a return
appointment! MIR-UH-CLE! It is fun being crazy (within the rules of

I have loved serving My Savior! It has been a mighty roller coaster
ride with lots of ups and tons of downs, but i will forever be
grateful that I was privileged to wear His name over my heart for 18

I love the book of Mormon! It is truly the word of God and I will
never deny that it is! I will forever be a witness of Jesus Christ! He
lives! And he loves us! and there is no other message so sweet!

As much as I have loved meeting more and more of Gods children, as
much as I have loved walking day and night, as much as I have love
studying the words of God each and every morning, as much as I have
loved watching miracles happen before my own two eyes, I have
absolutely loved how little by little, blessing by blessing, and trial
by trial, God has melded and formed me into the person I am today! I
am far from perfect, but I am leagues beyond where I once was. In the
immortal word of a country singer, "Touchdown Jesus!" I will forever
sing his name for what he has done for me and those I love!

My back may be broken and my feet may ache. But my soul is joyful and
honored for the price paid to come closer to Christ.

"Its worth it brothers
Its worth it friends.
To know your maker
To lose your sins.

Do you know that you are
dearly loved?"

I hope to always keep his name on my lips and in my heart.

The book is blue, the church is true, we go by two, He makes all new!

Love you all!


Sister Lisa Haynie!!

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