Saturday, January 7, 2017

CHRISTMAS! (December 29th, 2016)

So sorry that I haven't emailed this last Monday, our P-day has been
moved to today because three of us got to go to the temple! It was so
great! I love the London Temple! It was amazing! So much peace and and

And then afterward we went to take pictures around the temple as you
do! And on the way there, the member who drove us said that he noticed
that all the pictures that missionaries take are usually really bad
quality, so he brought his fancy camera and took loads of wacky wild
pictures and some really great ones, but I don't have them yet so you
will have to settle for my low quality ones I took :/ but it was loads
of fun!

Also this week sister Pail and I went on exchange with Sister Matthews
and Sister Searle! It was so much fun! I was with sister Matthews and
I just love her! She is from South Africa and she is just the best! I
am super bummed that I never got the opportunity to be companions with
her. But that is okay, I got to be for at least a day!

In our teacher training, she seriously changed my life. Guys
Repentance is for everyone! Every single one of us. Forgiveness is for
anyone who really wants it! I thought I knew that but, I forgot that.

Christmas on sunday was sweet, simple, and beautiful. Almost too good!
We went to a family's home and spent the whole day there! All four of
us sisters! Such kindness! So much fun. I apologize, we did not have
any photos because we were just having such a good time!

Well so much more happened, but I gotta run!

I love this gospel! I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus
Christ all he has done for me! The Book of Mormon is so wonderful!
People are absolutely surprisingly wonderful!


Sister Lisa Haynie!

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