Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Beginning of #11 (September 12th, 2016)


I think that this is my 11th transfer! I lost track! Ahh, I'm old and
time flies!

Hello all! This week has been so crazy! We had transfers and as far as
I know, Sister Yucra Laura is back in Spain! And Sister Barnjak has
arrived in Huntingdon!

Sister Barnjak is from France!! She is 21 and has been out serving a
mission for almost eight months! She has such a strong testimony of
the Book of Mormon and the Gospel of Jesus Christ!! She is really an
example to me!. Literally, the first day she came here to Huntingdon,
she stopped like every single person on the street and within about 2
hours we had 2 new investigators! We have not had a new investigator
in a long while. And she is so different from me, and it has been a
wild journey adjusting to her and her stride, but I think it because
she is so far ahead of me. Sometimes she makes me think, "What have I
been doing with my life for the past year?" But its all good. I will
learn and adjust. It also shows me how similar Sister Laura and I
were, it took us about... 0 time to adjust to each other, well at
least for me.

I feel like this transfer will be awesome! Sister Barnjak has come to
shake things up! I love her already and I learn something new from her

Before I met sister Barnjak, I spent the night with a set of sisters
who live in central London. We had FHE with  part member family and it
was so cool! Where they live is right behind Buckingham Palace!! And
they lived right literally over the royal limousines!! Aahhhh! So
cool. The dad works with the royal horses so that is why they live
there, but we had to have visitors passes and everything! Sorry I
didn't take any pictures but I was a little bit scared that I might
get us all thrown out if I moved and inch wrong. But it was really

I Love the book of Mormon! It is literally the coolest book ever! In
studies I learned of a promise that I feel is so important. I cannot
remember who said it, but an apostle said that if we read from the
book of Mormon every single day, we will not be led astray. Or
something like that. But that is so cool. In this life there is so
much to learn and there are lots of interesting facts and lots of
questions to ask, but not all of them are what is important. What is
important in life is doing the things, learning the things that will
help us and our families return to live with our heavenly father. The
rest of it is either icing on the cake or just a distraction. We must
focus on what really matters and the purpose of life. And that is what
the Book of Mormon teaches and helps us achieve!

I am so thankful for this gospel! It has changed my life for the
better. More than I know probably and I have had the joy to witness it
transform others' lives! And I am thankful for that!


Sister Lisa Haynie!

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