Monday, August 24, 2015


*sorry the posts seem to hate me posting pictures. I appreciate you patience*

Here is a picture of my very first Zone. Canterbury Zone!!

This is my district. In order, Elder Nakomaha, Elder Castillion, Me, Sister Ranck, Elder Bastien (my district leader/ mission dad), and Elder Haynman. Elder Haysman is from Australia and is of course hilarious.

Blackberries! We can eat them off the side of the road and they are so good!

This weather is so bipolar! It will rain really hard one day, and the next day it will be so hot, this happens. Who would have thought that you get a tan line in Britain?! The other day it was rivalling Arizona heat.

That's all for now! But keep a look out for more pictures soon!

This Is Not A Cheap Experience! (August 24th, 2015)

Hello everyone! I hope you all know that I love you so much! I really
appreciate the emails that are being sent! I can't get enough of them!

This week has been crazy! Last week our schedule was so booked and we
got to meet with a lot of people. This week was also booked but pretty
much everyone canceled! But it has built my testimony of the need to
back up plan! And even though pretty much our whole week was canceled,
it felt like it was productive and filled! Even though it may have
looked bad, I was able to see that God still blessed us for our
diligence in working even though we could have slacked off. But that
actually never would happen because Sister Ranck is too ready for that
kind of stuff. She always knows what to do! Hopefully one day I will
be able to do that as well.

This week I want to try to make up for the lack of pictures, hopefully
they go through this time.

(Because of issues placing pictures within the posts, for whatever reason, see the Mission Pictures posts for pictures from Lisa. Thank you!)

This week I have been able to feel a bit of the love that Christ has for random strangers. I want to cry for the people who say, "No, thank you" not because I feel like I get rejected all the time, but because I have something that is so wonderful, such a gift, an incredible support through this hard life, and something that I know they need!

For the whole of my mission until this last Thursday, I questioned God, why is it so hard for us to find those God has prepared? I know there are those who are prepared, but why is it so very hard to find them? But last Thursday, during our district meeting, we listened to a musical/talk compilation called something along the lines of missionary work and the power of the atonement. Elder Holland said that this work is so hard because SALVATION IS NOT A CHEAP EXPERIENCE. If the saviour had to experience what he had to for us, is it so hard of a suggestion that we have to have some hard trials in this life? That definitely answered my question.

If anyone is struggling at this time, I would suggest that they go watch the Mormon message, Mountains to Climb. It beautifully explains what we are to do when we face any trial.

Random things
- it is true that swear words in America are not swear words here. I cannot count the number of times I have visited sweet elderly sisters from the church and have snapped my head up in surprise when I hear the word hell or damn come out of their mouths! Or from the mouths of other missionaries! So strange!
- the power of Donnie and Marie Osmand. I have actually come across a couple members who said that they were initially converted because they loved Donnie Osmond!

I love you all! I love my Savior Jesus Christ! I know this is God's one and only true church on the earth that has the truth in its entirety!

- Sister Haynie

The Sister Missionaries and the Curse of the English Double Doors Continues with Miracles (August 17th, 2015)

Hello everyone! How are you all? I want to know! 

Okay Kay, I know you have all been wondering about the title of the last email, and realising that never once did I mention anything about English double doors. Sorry, I got caught up in the rest of my email last week. Well, without further ado, here it is.

Once upon a time, there were two sister missionaries who were serving their missions in England. As with all missionaries, they had to knock on doors every once in a while. Little did they know before coming out on their missions, that many English homes have walled front porches. Typically the walls are made mostly of some sort of glass where they can see you outside their door but you can only sort of see them moving about. So when the doorbell rang, the people who lived there would have to open the inside door and then the glass door to talk to who was outside. Oh the joy these sisters had to experience ringing the door bells or tapping the door knockers and waiting while people came and opened the inside door ... And then seeing that you were missionaries, not even be bothered to open the second door and say "no, thank you!" But just go back inside. Oh the life of missionaries of the Lord! As sister Ranck would say, "Gotta love it!" And that is the story of the Sister Missionaries and the Curse of the English Double Doors.

Despite having to knock on double doors, we have been seeing miracles here in Sittingbourne and Rainham! Yesterday, at church a member said that she invited a family that just moved here and she wasn't sure if they were going to show up, but they did! The mother's name is Faith and she came with us to the Gospel Principles class and we taught her about prophets and the Book of Mormon and asked if she would read the Book of Mormon and pray to know its truth. Faith said, "I will, but I don't need to because I already know that it is true. It is the word of God." I am sure sister Rank and I sat there just a bit too long thinking, "Whaaaaaaaaaat?" And then ... Sister Ranck challenged her to prepare for baptism on September 12. And she said yes! She had even been taking notes in class! If that isn't a miracle and a golden investigator wrapped in one, then I don't what would be! I think I am finally feeling like I am a missionary and I know what to do and what this work is that I am doing! I know that it has taken me about a month, but hey, I have it now.

Also, on Wednesday I got to go to my first Zone conference! It was fan-flippin-tastic! I love getting together with other missionaries! At first, I thought that going to London for this meeting would be like a mini vacation, but so many good things were said, both sister Ranck and I were almost freaking out, because there are so many things we need to do in our area, we were like, we need to get back to get started! But it was also really cool because the spirit brought to mind so many things. And one of the things I learned was this:

There are a few things that are essential in life. They are going to happen with or without God.
- trials
- change 
- the mercy of God 
So many people that we stop on the street say that there cannot be a god because of all the bad things that happen on this earth. Well yes, bad things happen and are always going to happen. But if you had the chance to have an aid and support through these things, why wouldn't you take it? What do you have to lose? You are going to suffer through these anyway. Why not with God, who will not take them away but lighten the burden and comfort you so that you CAN make it through? Not only will he carry you through, but you will grow and become a stronger, better person. Who knows, maybe these trials will allow you to be that support for others who go through the exact same thing.
I know that God is there for us but he cannot help us unless we allow him to. He WILL NOT make us ask him for help. The one thing that is ours and ours alone, is agency, a gift from God.
All of it can be made easier and better with God.
They are going to happen/need to happen.

On a little weird note, the other day we were waiting for the train (yes, we train it everywhere. I take a train more times in two days than I ever did in my entire life) and there was this guy who took a double look at sister Ranck and I and asked if it would be possible if he could get our number. I immediately said, " Nope!" Tricia, you be so proud of me, you taught me well! 

I just have to say thank you to everyone who has ever fed missionaries! And ask that if it is at all possible, you feed them every once in a while, because not only are they being fed, but the time spent with a family, is like a mini vacation in the life of a missionary. I think we have some of the best families in our ward. I have learned quite a bit from these families.

Oh! Mom and dad and everyone else, you have to get this card game. It is a lot like the one you were trying to teach me right before I left but a German version, called Ligretto! And a party game called Pass the Parcel. Little candies or treats or prizes are layer-wrapped in a parcel, and with every one there is a task that must be performed and if done correctly, you get to keep the prize. It is fun especially with younger children!

Random facts:
- here, because the streets are so small, cars literally pull onto the sidewalks and park there.
-they also call sidewalks, pavement. I don't know what they call the road. Probably the road/street.
-I hear seagulls all day long. So strange for me, having lived in Arizona all my life. We live not 30 minutes train ride to the beach.

I love you all so much!

- Sister Haynie

The Sister Missionaries and the Curse of the British Double Doors (August 17th, 2015)

Hello everyone! This week has been so crazy! Monday I was able to get two pairs of Clarks! (which are a really good brand of shoes.) Yay! No more blisters!! Well I still get one or two small ones here or there, but otherwise my feet are great!

Now that we got the matter of my feet out of the way, we can talk about how I am now an aunt of two nieces and TWO nephews!! Ronan! I am your Aunt Lisa!! I love you and only ask that you do not grow too quickly so that there is a chance of me being able to experience some of your baby delights! I love you so much!

So I have to tell you guys, Zone leaders are too cool. Especially one of my Zone leaders right now. Elder Ramsey. He is so American it is quite refreshing out here in proper England. He says things like "Heck yeah" and "Boom shock-a-lock-a!" and "Abso-freaking-lutely!" and of course, my all time favorite, "Super Awesome!!"

Here is a picture of my very first Zone. Canterbury Zone!!

Elder Ramsey is the one right in the middle between Sister Ranck and Sister Keenard. (Sister Ranck is the blonde to the left of me. BEST TRAINOR EVER!" The blonde on my right is Sister MacFarland! She was in my MTC district! She is the cutest!)

I do apologize that you have never before seen pictures, I just never had time to figure out getting my camera pictures onto the computer but this week it might be an overload!

On Friday, August 7, 2015 I went on my first exchange with one of the sister training leaders! It was so great! I went to London with Sister Van Zyl and Sister Ranck stayed in Sittingbourne with Sister Grant. These two sisters are so amazing! London was really cool!

Here is a picture of me on a double decker bus, although you cannot really tell, but still.

(No picture yet, sorry. Check back!)

Oh! And it has been so warm and sunny over here that it could compare to early summer in Arizona! Not quite as hot, but enough to make me glisten (girls don't sweat.) And I have a beautiful sockie tan :)

(No picture yet, sorry. Check back!)

Who would have thought that anyone could get a tan in England? Not me.

One last thing to say. God works miracles!! This week a bunch of our appointments fell through, so we had to do a lot of on-the-spot- finding. This is where you knock on doors, talk to people on the street, or try to visit the houses of less active members or former investigators. Hard stuff. But every time, something would happen that I just know was not coincidence. God is placing people in our path, and leading us down others' paths!

And he works these miracles through the members as well! Our ward mission leader will do nearly anything to help us. He goes out of his way! And the members who feed us! Just yesterday we were eating lunch/dinner with a family and we mentioned that on a p-day, we wanted to go to Dover castle but it is far and travel is expensive, and they just offered to take us there! Mir-a-cles!

Random facts of the week
-The  guys' haircuts over here are interesting. It is a close shave on the bottom and long and styled(usually flipped and wavy)on the top.
-Cashiers sit at the check outs, and shoppers bag their own groceries. Sometimes you have to pay for plastic bags and the parking lot!
-The pubs around here still have medieval names like "The King's Head" or the "Dancing Boar" 

I love you all very much! and I love all the emails. Please email me! It brightens my day when I see the email notification!

- Sister Haynie

Monday, August 3, 2015

Shoes and Knock-Off's (August 3rd, 2015)

Hello everyone! So this past week has been interesting. It has had its ups and downs but over all, a week for the better!

So over this past week I have discovered that because we have iPads, any time we can connect with the wifi, we can download our emails and read them any day on our free time, like during meals or right before bed! So feel free to email me any time during the week. You never know when I might catch it! 
Also, if you want to make sure I get your email before Monday's when I email you back, I would say to email me by Saturday night so that I can get the email when at church, read it on my own time, and then reply to you on Monday (that is Monday here in England.) the time difference is about 7 or 8 hours difference. Also, this way I can have more time replying to emails rather than reading and trying to rush a reply.

This week here in Sittingbourne has been really wild as far as weather. It has been really hot. Well, not as hot as Arizona, not even close, but way warmer than I expected I would ever get. Last week it was on and off raining or just gloomy skies, but this week it has been pretty much all sunny with quite a bit of wind.

For any of you who don't know what "white washing" is, it is when both missionaries coming into an area at the time of transfers (moving locations) are both brand new. Usually one of the missionaries was there the transfer before so they know the way around and can introduce the other missionary to members, investigators, and the town. But sister Ranck and I are both both new to the area, so that is why I said we were "white washing." 

One of the downs this last week was that I got pretty bad blisters from walking around all day on Monday. I have also discovered that most of my shoes are rubbish and today we are going into Canterbury to find at least one nicer pair of shoes.

Last Thursday, I went to my first zone meeting! It was way fantastic. We are in the Cantebury zone which includes about 10 companionships. And one of the companionships of sisters included one of the sisters that was in in my district while at the MTC, sister MacFarland! One of the sweetest sisters I have ever met! It was really nice to see other missionaries who knew what I was going and I could talk to.

I have the hardest time starting a conversation with someone. I can talk pretty easy, it is just the starter. I never know what to say. If you are preparing for a mission, that is something I would say to practice before you go out. Also, read "The Fourth Missionary" by Lawrence E. Corbridge. This a fantastic talk that really breaks it down on how to be the best missionary ever.

On the train, Sister Ranck and I were able to talk to a Jehovah's Witness and it was actually a pretty good conversation. He knew his bible very well, but I think I held my own. And we also got to teach a guy who is writing a paper on the different religions and asked to learn a little more about the church. We had to have a bit of a different approach but I think it went quite well. I think he felt that there is something different about our religion from the other ones he had studied already. We were also able to teach it at a members home and the parents are both converts and had similar beliefs to this guy and I think it was the perfect setting and I know I felt the spirit there!

Random Facts:

There are so many Mini Coopers here! That's my car!!! And the fact that we don't drive a car anyway makes it worse! But at least I get to see all the different possible colours.

Knock off, as in knock off brand, does not just mean it isn't the name brand, it means it has been stolen and sold on the under the table. I was talking about how I usually get knock off brands and the member who was feeding us jumped and looked at me really startled. Haha! I quickly explained what knock off meant to us in the states.

Anyways, I love you all and love and feel your prayers! Thank you and keep them coming!
- Sister Haynie