Saturday, January 7, 2017

And I'm Off! (October 18th, 2016)

And once again, another Transfers has arrived! It is not surprising as
I have had 6 months here in Huntingdon, but it doesn't make it any
less sad, I will be leaving the beloved Huntingdon area! ☹️️ I really
have come to feel like this is home away from home, but just like in
life, I feel it is time for a fresh start! A new area with new
adventures to have, lessons to learn, and friends to make! I will miss
the people here so much !!

But you know what, that is okay because the Plan of Salvation is so
real! I will see all of these people again! Whether it is in this life
or in the next, I know this is not the end!

Something I am learning from saying goodbye, is the fact that I have
come to know that I actually made a difference here! There were days
when I felt that I could be swallowed up by the earth and it wouldn't
matter, but when I said good-bye to members, and they were sad that I
was going to go, it made me feel like I actually helped!

I know that it is not mine, but the Lord's work that I am doing! I am
so thankful for the opportunity to serve and give the little I have to
others that may need it more!

Here I have come to know the Joy that comes from service, that the
atonement is real (and not just for our sins but also our weaknesses
and everything that is unfair or hard), that trials are to make us
stronger and better, and that God has a purpose for all of us, and
through His Son, we can have that tranquil peace that can withstand

I am still learning and growing all the time, but now instead of it
being a trial, it now is an opportunity to rise and overcome!

I love my Savior! I trust God in his infinite wisdom! I know that the
book of Mormon can bring that peace that we all need in our life!

Oh and my new companion is from Brazil and her name is Sister Vizaco!
I am so excited! πŸ˜†

Love you all! Have a super splendid week!

Sister Lisa Haynie!

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