Monday, June 20, 2016

😞😭😠🤒😇🙏 (May 30th, 2016)

Hello all.

This week has been really (and I mean really) crazy. This week we were
working super hard and had made some big goals. Saturday, we still
hadn't seen too many results but we still had faith and energy! We
came back from sports at the park and when I came out of the shower
both of my companions were quiet and sullen. I was like, "what?"

Turns out president had just called and said that he needed to
emergency transfer sister Obley to another area, Chelmsford.


I was gobsmacked. Apparently one of the sisters in Chelmsford had to
go home because of medical reasons, so that left the other sister
without a companion, and we had an extra so it makes sense that one of
us would be going. But sister chiping and I just feel so lost without
sister Obley. We literally just dropped her off in London and are now
on our way back to Huntingdon. It feels wrong without her.

But this is where the plan of salvation comes in. I know that no
matter what happens in this life, we will be able to see our friends
and family again. Plus I know that we will be having a two mission
wide conference in a week because Elder Oaks is coming! Not only will
we see all the missionaries in the England London Mission, but also
from the England London South Mission! So all my friends from the MTC
who went south!

Side Note: Sister Obley is a quick packer. Under 30 minutes! Last time
it took me over 4 hours!

But despite that, the week was really good. We had loads of miracles!
We have two of our dear new friends preparing for baptism! One of them
is an nine year old boy and the other is named Jade who we only met
last week! They are both wonderful and we are so excited to be able to
experience this journey with them. It is truly a blessing to see the
gospel literally change people and their lives over night. It doesn't
always work that way but sometimes it does and it incredible.

I know the church is true, the book is blue, and we are now just two.
But not forever:)

I love you all and hope you have an incredible week!


Sister Lisa Haynie!

P.S. I will get to shake Elder Oaks Hand. Twice. Because he is also
coming to our stake!

This is outside the American airforce base in Huntingdon.

This is what we do while waiting for people, make daily chains and take photos!

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