Monday, June 20, 2016

Transfers! (June 14th, 2016)

Yes it is that time again. Transfers. And yes that was quicker than
ever before, it was 5 weeks instead of the normal 6.

And the verdict is.... We are staying in Huntingdon! Together! We are
so happy that we don't have to pack or move or get to know a new area
or companion! We figure this gift is because earlier president had to
take away our beloved Sister Obley unexpectedly and end the Huntingdon
trio. So he probably just felt really bad for us.

But we are happy we are staying! We love this area and the people
here!! Also, this Saturday our friend George will be getting baptized
and we couldn't be more excited!

Being able to work with George and his family as well as one of my
newest friends, Jade, has been such a privilege. There is no
experience like watching the gospel of Jesus Christ change people and
their lives. It is unreal honestly.

We were watching the District 2 video for 12 weeks study, and near the
end Elder Murray says something really profound to me.

He says something along the lines of, "Anyone who is worthy to serve a
mission and just decides not to is throwing away the best experience
God could give them."

That is so true. This experience has made my testimony rock solid. And
not just of the big things, but especially the little things, like
reading the scriptures, saying my prayers and going to church each

This transfer is going to be so amazing! I can feel it! It may throw
us some curve balls but we can take anything! ( Philippians 4:13)

By the way, Elder oaks is hilarious. But more than that, when he came
to see the England London, and England London south missionaries, he
said that more important than teaching people to baptism, we should be
teaching people repentance. The knowledge that we have a God that
loves us so that he sent his son Jesus Christ, is way more important!
Usually that leads to people having the desire to be baptized, but it
is so good to give people that knowledge. People are no longer
believing in God, and to help some come to that understanding is
incredible in and of itself.

I love you all and I love this work! This is the Lords work!

Shout out to Scott and Dean! Happy birthday!!


Sister Lisa Haynie!


This is what people think missionaries eat all the time. Because this is what people keep giving us! The junk pile continues to grow ;)

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