Monday, June 20, 2016

Life of the Unwell Missionary ;) (June 6th, 2016)

So if I thought last week was tough, this week was worse. I was
majorly sick the whole week! Not even sure what it was. Some kind of
nose, throat, head thing that just killed me. And trying to get ride a
bike is just the worst. Almost every night my voice would just

But that's okay. I think it was a test. Last time I got sick I still
worked hard and I got even more sick. When I got a blessing to get
better, it said that I needed to let my body rest and not run faster
than I had strength. It is just really hard to stay home when there
are places to go and people to see. So this time I didn't push myself.
As hard. I just felt bad for my companion, who was bored to death
while I rested. But we did a lot of good work!

But there were a few amazing things that happened! Yesterday was so
cool! I got to meet Elder Oaks!! I shook his hand and he said my name!
He came to the stake I am serving in and it was amazing! He was so
real. Even though he is an apostle, he is still a real person, and
with such a sense of humour! Apparently he really loves ice cream. And
did you know that he had to get a note from his mother to get a
marriage license because he was younger than 21.

I love this experience as much as it throws thing at me. I get to see
first hand the gospel of Jesus  Christ change people for better.

We have a friend getting baptized on the 18th and another preparing
for the first of July. Please pray for them, George and Jade. Oh and I
also lost my flash drive that has all my photos on it from my mission!
So please pray I will find it. :)

Love you all!

Sister Lisa Haynie!


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