Saturday, February 6, 2016

Crazy Miracle and Crazier P-Day! (January 25th, 2016)

Cool miracle this week!

We went to go stop by a potential investigator that we had listed on
our map. We were just passing through the area and thought we would
stop by to see if they were in. It was the wrong address. So we spoke
to the residents for a minute and then said good night. I saw the
light on at the neighbours house so we thought we might knock and say
hello. We had time and why not?

So we knock on the door and start talking to this lady. Her husband
comes to the door as well and invites us in.

Now if you have ever knocked on strangers doors in the evening,
especially in England, you know that this does not happen. So it took
us a minute to accept. Anyways we come in and start talking to this
guy ( the wife hardly said two words unless directly asked a
question.) We will refer to this guy as M. So we get talking to M and
he was raised Catholic, but became atheist when he went to uni, and he
thinks we could probably be spy's. Oh and when we told him our nick
name, Mormon, he straight-up said that we were idiots. ( this is due
to his extensive education from one program he saw on the telly)
Anyways, he asks a lot of questions which we try to answer, but don't
have the time so we ask if we can come back the next evening. He
thinks about it for a bit and then says, sure, why not.

Now you can imagine the way we feel about this guy. He has been
brutally honest about what he thinks about us and the fact that he is
atheist ( he literally said that we would not conquer his soul ) and
we are supposed to see him again the very next day. Let me tell you,
we were very tempted to stay at the flat.

But we don't. I have been learning lately that when I get a feeling
that I don't want to get up and do something, it usually means that I
need to. Everything was working against us to go back to M's. The
trains, the distance, our own motivation.... You name it. But we get
there finally, a little late I might add, and M's wife was waiting for
us. She waited and thought that we decided not to come. But we did and
M said that they had talked about us  after we left the day before.
And the lesson went fine. And we are going back on Saturday! He is
still atheist but you never know. Atheist or not he is still a child
of God!

We also had exchange and I went to Illford with Sister Fenu! She is
from Italy! Super Fun!

Other than that the week is just going great! Sister Wright is great,
I am great and our p-day was great! We went to the white cliffs of
Dover! And to Canterbury cathedral! Way cool!

I am always learning and usually growing each day!

Love you all!

- Sister Lisa Haynie

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