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Best Week Ever! (February 22nd, 2016)

This week has really been a game changer for me. Last transfer wasn't bad but it really wasn't all that it could have been and sister Wright and I agree about that. So sister Wright was talking to another sister whose area just bust out in success and asked her how it happened. The other sister said, "a lot of prayers and fasting." So we decided to start this transfer off right by fasting the day after transfers. But we didn't stop there, oh no, we even invited our ward mission leader and the bishop to fast with us. And then, yes there is more, we worked like there was no tomorrow... every day. We have been so tired this whole week. We have been riding our bikes like crazy and walking everywhere as well. We just have been doing it all. Including crashing my bike :/ 

Friday morning we were on our way to see someone, and then headed home for a quick lunch, then off again, but on the way back, I was trying to pull onto the sidewalk from the rode and I thought they were even, but the sidewalk was just high enough that when the broadside of my wheel come up against it, my bike was basically tripped. I tumbled off, hit my foot and scraped my knee (mum, don't worry I am ok) Sister Wright was behind me and saw it all. To heather side is interesting. She said I had the most graceful bike spill she has ever seen. Apparently when I spilt, I gracefully rolled off. All I remember is that I realised it was going to happen a split second before I did, and I couldn't do anything about it, and then I was on the ground. We rode hope and played doctor.

We were not able to do much the rest of that day because we think that I sprained my foot/toe, so I was limping, but it gets better everyday.

But the best into come.

Sunday we were able to witness a miracle! We worked really hard, even with my bum knee and foot, and it seemed like we were not moving very far forward. We had no one coming to church so during our companionship prayer, sister Wright asked that God would bless us with a miracle. She asked that someone would come to church.

We got to church, we went to the toilet really quick, and as we came out to head to the sacrament room, Bother Mannouch (our ward mission leader) pulled us aside and introduced its to a man named Roger. Now Roger is a member of the Salvation Army, but they have not been supporting him in his hard times. He also has family who are members of the church, so he thought he would come and learn today.

This was an amazing answer to our prayers! Just after sister Wright and I went and found an empty room and offered a sincere prayer of thanks, and it was not until then that I realised how amazing this was!

We sat with brother Mannouch and roger in sacrament, and at one point, brother Manouch leaned over to me and said, "interesting, this is what comes from fasting." 

So we taught him during Gospel Principles and then again Sunday evening, and Roger is so prepared. It is sad when people go through hard times, but it softens people's hearts to the message of the gospel!

I know that this message can help anyone and everyone, no matter what they are going through in life, good or bad.

Love you all! Til next time!

Sister Lisa Haynie!

Sisters p-day at Canterbury cathedral!

This was our Facebook post "Salvation Under-Cover" ... get it?

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- Sister Lisa Haynie

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