Thursday, February 18, 2016

Transfer 6! Best One Ever! (February 16th, 2016)

So this transfer is just bound to be amazing! Mainly because this is
the start of my 6th transfer (6 is my favourite number) and because
finally! I get to keep my companion! That's right the dynamic duo of
Sister Haynie and Sister Wright are staying together! This has never
happened to me before! I have no idea what it is like to be with a
companion for more than six weeks so this will be fun!

Oh! By the way! We got bikes! We are now half a biking area! I am
officially a missionary! My legs will get really tired but I have not
gotten sore apart from my bum hurting when I sit. ;/  Hopefully I will
be able to work off all the weight I have gained :)

Oh and I cannot forget! For my birthday, Sister Wright treated me to a
pedicure at a spa in bluewater. My first one ever. It was really nice
considering all the walking we do.

Not much will change in the Gillingham district accept for my district
leader, Elder Kashari from Albania. And we will be getting none other
than the one, the only... Elder Speiser! He was my district leader in

Also happy Valentine's Day! We went and heart attacked a bunch of
houses and only got caught on our last one at Bishop Bartling's house.
He came out just as we were finishing, we tried to hide behind his
car, but then I stuck my big helmet head out :( but then we got a
surprise dinner! His wife is an amazing cook! I love them! AND...
Bishop is a cyclist so he fixed up our bikes to be the perfect height
and settings for us and gave us a tutorial on how to use bike gears.
Guess what? They are just like car gears... Sort of.

And of course a very happy shout out to Jay! Happy birthday!

I love you all, stay tuned for next week! There is some reason I have
been brought back and then kept here in Sittingbourne, and I am
determined to find out!


- Sister Lisa Haynie

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