Saturday, February 6, 2016

Crazy Miracle and Crazier P-Day (Part 2) (February 1st, 2016)

image1.JPGHello fam and friends!

image1.JPGSo in England there is a personality type, it's called chav. And it is
something comparable to getto back home. And they say things like
"init (in-it) fam" which means isn't it family or right guys? Chavs
are usually from Essex, a part of england. Fun fact of the week :)

Anywho, we had a really cool miracle Sunday. Everything seemed to be
going wrong, but out of no where one of our amazing members brings a
friend to church! We were able to teach her and her son about the
restoration and we will be seeing them again on Thursday! Oh and
sister Wright and I gave boss talks in sacrament meeting btw!

I love you all and hope that life is good and you are all finding the
miracles in everyday!

- Sister Lisa Haynie

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