Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Again, Another Week of Crazy Cool (January 18th, 2016)

This week has been great! We seriously have the best ward ever! There
are a lot of families in our ward who have family who are either less
active or are not members at all. So we have so many people to work
with! And they are also really awesome! We are teaching our ward
mission leaders granddaughter and her whole family! They are really
cool! They remind me of home a bit. And there are so many others! This
area has so much potential!

We also had interviews this week with our mission president! Him and
his wife are so amazing! They are definitely inspired! Sister Stevens
is so cool, while her husband was interviewing, she would also take
one missionary at a time and talk to them and see how we were doing.
It was really cool because she knew exactly what to say to help me out
this week!

We have also been working with a 14 year old girl who is awesome! She
is preparing to get baptised and she is awesome. She is so ready. The
only issue is that it can be really hard to get to church on Sunday's
because transportation is not so great out here.

Last night Sister Wright and I tracked an entire street! We prayed
with our bishops family and they chose a street to tract and then we
came back and reported. It was like 60 doors! We met a few people we
are going to go back and visit!

Sorry if this email is random and all over the place, short on time :/

I love you all so much!

I know the church is true and I am so thankful for the peace it brings
in this crazy world!


- Sister Lisa Haynie

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