Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Oh My Days and Everything In Between!

Hello everyone! Sorry to have had such a short email last week, but as I said before, it was MY FIRST TRANSFER!
I am now serving in Enfield! My oh my! This area is so different from my last area. My last area we walked everywhere and there were not many people to talk to but here, we take buses everywhere and SO MANY PEOPLE!
I am now being follow-up trained (for missionaries, the first 12 weeks are the training period, aka I am still a Greenie) by Sister Fuimaono! She is from Australia, was born in New Zealand, and her parents are Samoan! Simply she is polynesian and so much fun! We laugh so much together!
It is really interesting being in a new area so soon! I was just getting to know the area and the people back in Kent, and then they moved me. Now I am new all over again, learning names and which bus routes to take. It has nearly done my head in!
But I love it! I can easily see why the Lord has sent me here to Enfield, it is so apparent, it is almost like a slap on the face! God knows what I need and what to give me to aid me in my growth as a missionary.
The reason why my email is so late is because yesterday, we had a mission wide conference. There was a speaker who came to talk about a case study he wrote especially for missionaries. His name is Clayton Christensen!
Dad! He served his mission in Korea as well, but I think he is much older than you so, I don't think you served at the same time, but still cool!
But it was so incredible to see all of the missionaries in the England London Mission get together! We are such a force to reckon with! And just think of all the missions with all the missionaries! What other church has that kind of force of young men and women who give up  so much time in their prime, to spread what they believe in? NONE! That is just another testament to me that this is the one and only true church on this earth with all of Christ's teachings.

I love you all so much and I hope you are all well and happy. If you are not, then I only have one answer for you. God. Turn to him in all things. It is as simple as that!

- Sister Haynie

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