Saturday, September 5, 2015

Just got here, but they didn't like me, so... I'm leaving! 1st Transfer! (September 1st, 2015)

Just kidding, but yes ... transfers are here and I have been called to
work in Enfield! It is actually really interesting because my trainer
is staying here and follow-up training a sister that came out with me,
but was serving in Enfield, and I am taking her place! So we are
companion/area swapping! Too cool.

I am so amazed at how much I have come to love this place, the people,
the ward, and even the quaint little towns! I will miss them
immensely! But I know that the Lord knows what he is doing! It is
going to be hard to get to know a new place with new people and a new companion, especially since I was feeling like I was just getting to
know Sittingbourne and the Gillingham 2nd ward. But recently I have been learning that the Lord knows what is needed and thank goodness he has control over that!

I love the Lord, I know this gospel is true, and that is really all one needs!

Short on time but I love you all!

- Sister Haynie

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