Sunday, July 31, 2016

Onward, Forever Onward! (July 18th, 2016)

This week was great! We talked to people on the street all week! My
talking skills have improved greatly and my ability to handle
rejection has enlarged. I a, super proud of this (but not in the bad
kind of way) because I remember how I could not even talk to people
let alone take them saying no or telling me I am out of my bloomin'
mind.  However there are a lot of tender mercies. There are lots of
people who are so thankful that we are willing to do what we do. Even
though they may not be members of our church or even believers in God,
they appreciate that people are willing to stand up for good things
that they believe.

This week I was also really tired. Like really tired. Not sure why,
possibly because it is finally getting warm here and it can be hard to
sleep at night because I am not used to it. But it has taken a lot of
will power and Gods grace to get out and work. But I am always happy
at the end of a hard days work.

Last but not least, the Sister Training Leaders who serve in he London
North area came down to help us find new people to teach. Partially
because we need the help and partially because one of them, Sister
Swann from Australia, started her mission here a year ago and want to
come back and visit. Well not really visit, but verbally kick some of
the people she taught and baptized in the butt for not going to church
anymore. It was really cool! But the coolest part was that you could
see the love that she had for these people. And the love that had for
her. That is how you know someone is a good missionary.

Anyways gotta run, but it love you all, and I know this church is
true! It has changed me into someone that is way better than who I was
before and I will be forever grateful to my Heavenly Father for this
opportunity to serve His children!

Love y'all!


Sister Lisa Haynie!

Bowling with the Bedford district and Jared, and RM in the ward. In St. Neots (said nee-its)


This is my ward mission leaders family! I love them so much! The Clows!

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