Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise. (May 16th, 2016)

Helllloooooo! Hi from Huntingdon! Land of the American Air Force base
and home of the England London mission trio!

My days! So many things have happened! First of all, I love being in a
trio! It is like having a party everyday! Yes, it makes knocking doors
and talking to people a little more awkward than it already is, but
that's okay. It is a fun dynamic. Especially when we are visiting
members. Oh! And Huntingdon ward is so big for an English ward! There
are loads of families and Americans! I never thought that being around
member Americans would make me so happy. Don't get me wrong, I love
the English and getting to meet all the different types of people who
live in England but it just feels like a reminder of something from
home that I had forgotten about.

Don't worry, I'm not trunky. Just really surprised.

Anyways, I absolutely love my companions! Sister Chiping is from
Malaysia and is 20 years old as of Thursday. She is so sweet and
surprisingly funny for how quiet she used to be. She has warmed up to
us. She has only been out 6 weeks, but has such a wonderful missionary
spirit about her. She will do great things ;)

My other companion is a bit louder and tons of fun, Sister Obley. She
is from New Zealand and has been out for a little over a year. She
reminds me that missionary work is a lot less complicated than I make
it. Just love what you do and you will be happy and God will be happy!

This area is really nice but is fairly confusing. Apparently there has
been a Portuguese speaking missionary in the area for a very long time
and so there are lots of Portuguese people who were baptised in the
past and they have gone less active. None of us speak Portuguese so we
are finding it hard to follow up with them. We are also supposed to
teach an English class to people who speak Portuguese... That will be

But I am excited to see how this transfer will pan out. Should be
really interesting.

This week we were teaching this woman named Chloe and she is so good!
She really wants what the gospel has to offer. We taught her the plan
of salvation and she really understood it. In my last area, it seemed
like everyone we talked to wanted to blame God for everything, but
Chloe knew that people have choices and that has more affect on life
than a lot of people will admit to. Some people just want to blame
others and not accept responsibility for a single thing. It is a big
relief to finally meet someone who wants to do what God would have
them do. Chloe is a miracle and i am so thankful to have had the
pleasure of teaching her. She is a reminder that there really are
people out there who WANT the gospel.

Love you all and love the gospel and am so thankful for all those who
made it possible for me to have it in my life!


Sister Lisa Haynie!

The Huntingdon trio. We want to come up with a name for our trio, suggestions are welcome!


This was in the back garden of a members house. The house was so massive, even for American standards. Everything in England usually is tight and packed.

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