Thursday, January 7, 2016

Transfers Again. . . And They Just Don't Stick:/ (January 5th, 2016)

Hello everyone! I hope the holidays were good to you all and you have
been able to pull yourself back to the real world. I know it's hard
after a break, but you can do it! I believe in you!

So transfers are here again! Another six weeks have flown by here in

Sad to say that I must have something wrong with me, but none of my
companions want to stick around for more than one transfer. Areas seam
to stick to me better than companions. Guess I just have a lot to
learn! Any who, my beloved companion, Sister Mathews, will be headed
of to Dereham, which is almost as north as you can go in the England
London Mission, and I will joined by sister Wright! Never met her
before but I have heard great things!

We had an amazing miracle! So there is this guy here, Clayton, who has
had a lot of contact with the Church in the past and a little while
back, Sister Mathews called him and he started meeting with the
missionaries. That was back in September. Fast forward to a lot of
growth, some bumps in the road, but fairly steady growth, and I came
back and continued teaching him with Sister Mathews. He was preparing
for baptism in December, but he wasn't quite ready, so we decided to
shoot for the middle of January.

Side note. He works down here, but lives up north on the weekends, so
the sister missionaries up there were teaching him too.

Anyway so, on the 21st of January, we get a call from those sisters
saying that their zone leaders were challenged by President Stevens to
find one more person to be baptised by the end of the year and they
believed it could be Clayton. At first the sisters were unsure if he
was ready. He still had a lot to learn and come to know for himself.
But they had a good feeling so they called and asked him if he would
be baptised on the 31st of December. And... He accepted. It was a
miracle! Satan was definitely fighting it. But with one more meeting
from us and one from the other sisters, and a lot of driving back and
forth, Clayton was baptised on the 31st.

We were not able to go to it because it was so far away (up north is
where his ward is, so that is where he was baptised) but was an
amazing thing to be a part of! To be able to witness someone change,
even over the short amount of time I knew him, and then take that leap
of faith to be baptised! I have never witnessed anything like it!

I love my Heavenly Father! I am so thankful to my Savior Jesus Christ!
And I know that this church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day
Saints, is the only church on this earth that has all of the truths
needed to be able to be happy in this life amidst all his confusion.
And the Book of Mormon is the way, the evidence, one needs to know if
that is true for themselves.

If you haven't read it, I invite everyone to and discover for
themselves the joy it brings!

If you have, read it again and watch as miracles happen in your life
as you follow its direction!

I love you all and am so thankful for the impacts you have made in my life!

Make 2016 a year of miracles and happiness for you and those around you!


- Sister Lisa Haynie

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