Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New Companion, New Feeling, New New New! (January 11th, 2016)

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you have had a wonderful weekend!

This week has been strange. I have no idea who will understand this
but I think I now understand what it is like to meet a celebrity in
real life. Let me explain.

So before coming out on a mission, I did my research. I was looking up
everything and it's mom  about missions to be as prepared as possible
to come out. Part of that research included the blogs of missionaries
serving in England. There were a couple of sisters blogs that I was
following? One sister, I met at the station when I got transferred to
Enfield. Sister Johannes who came out 6 or 12 weeks before I did. The
other one was a sister called Sister Wright. Aka my new companion.
Weird thing, before I even really recognised her, I recognised her
suitcases. I had been looking for suitcases and ideas for which ones
lasted, and saw hers and I thought they were cute... Any ways... It is
just a weird thing to have someone you have only seen pictures of,
come to life in front of you.

Now that that is out the way, I'll tell you all about the famous-ish
Sister Wright. She is 20, from Logan Utah, has two younger sisters and
is super fun! She is so different from me and any of my other
companions which is probably why we are now companions. I need a
little more fun in me. She has a totally different look on missionary
work. Not bad at all just different and it is just taking a bit
getting used to.

Again, anyways. This week has just been a reminder of how the
Gillingham 2nd ward is the best ward in this mission! As I have been
taking Sister Wright to meet the members, it confirms that we have the
coolest members. This area may be one of the hardest but it comes with
the best ward! I love these people

Oh and just have to give a shout out to my awesome mum! She was so
right when she said I would wish that I had kept up with the piano. As
I am finding myself saying more and more often, mum you were right. :)
On some missions, they need piano players like you wouldn't believe.
My last companion, sister Mathews, could play piano very well and the
ward was sad to see her go. They loved her dearly, but they are really
going to miss her talent. So, Carson, Josh, Jay, and Ben, please keep
up the piano. I wish I had.

By the way, fun fact about being a missionary, we, on a pretty regular
basis, get talked to through upstairs windows when we knock on doors.

Another not-so-fun-fact, as a missionary you grow to love complete
strangers and when you get to know them, watch them learn, grow, and
see the gospel change their life, you experience such joy. I have been
able to experience that a few times but this week, I was also able to
experience the other side, when they decide to not continue changing
their life. It is really sad, especially when you know they have felt
the spirit. I never thought that it could affect me the way it has. It
is probably because I am beginning to get tiny, itsie-bitsie glimpse
of how God sees them and feels about.

But even when that happens, I am surprised how positive I still am for
them! I know this is the only church that has Christ's gospel in its
entirety! I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior!

Love you all! Until next week!


- Sister Lisa Haynie

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