Monday, August 24, 2015

The Sister Missionaries and the Curse of the British Double Doors (August 17th, 2015)

Hello everyone! This week has been so crazy! Monday I was able to get two pairs of Clarks! (which are a really good brand of shoes.) Yay! No more blisters!! Well I still get one or two small ones here or there, but otherwise my feet are great!

Now that we got the matter of my feet out of the way, we can talk about how I am now an aunt of two nieces and TWO nephews!! Ronan! I am your Aunt Lisa!! I love you and only ask that you do not grow too quickly so that there is a chance of me being able to experience some of your baby delights! I love you so much!

So I have to tell you guys, Zone leaders are too cool. Especially one of my Zone leaders right now. Elder Ramsey. He is so American it is quite refreshing out here in proper England. He says things like "Heck yeah" and "Boom shock-a-lock-a!" and "Abso-freaking-lutely!" and of course, my all time favorite, "Super Awesome!!"

Here is a picture of my very first Zone. Canterbury Zone!!

Elder Ramsey is the one right in the middle between Sister Ranck and Sister Keenard. (Sister Ranck is the blonde to the left of me. BEST TRAINOR EVER!" The blonde on my right is Sister MacFarland! She was in my MTC district! She is the cutest!)

I do apologize that you have never before seen pictures, I just never had time to figure out getting my camera pictures onto the computer but this week it might be an overload!

On Friday, August 7, 2015 I went on my first exchange with one of the sister training leaders! It was so great! I went to London with Sister Van Zyl and Sister Ranck stayed in Sittingbourne with Sister Grant. These two sisters are so amazing! London was really cool!

Here is a picture of me on a double decker bus, although you cannot really tell, but still.

(No picture yet, sorry. Check back!)

Oh! And it has been so warm and sunny over here that it could compare to early summer in Arizona! Not quite as hot, but enough to make me glisten (girls don't sweat.) And I have a beautiful sockie tan :)

(No picture yet, sorry. Check back!)

Who would have thought that anyone could get a tan in England? Not me.

One last thing to say. God works miracles!! This week a bunch of our appointments fell through, so we had to do a lot of on-the-spot- finding. This is where you knock on doors, talk to people on the street, or try to visit the houses of less active members or former investigators. Hard stuff. But every time, something would happen that I just know was not coincidence. God is placing people in our path, and leading us down others' paths!

And he works these miracles through the members as well! Our ward mission leader will do nearly anything to help us. He goes out of his way! And the members who feed us! Just yesterday we were eating lunch/dinner with a family and we mentioned that on a p-day, we wanted to go to Dover castle but it is far and travel is expensive, and they just offered to take us there! Mir-a-cles!

Random facts of the week
-The  guys' haircuts over here are interesting. It is a close shave on the bottom and long and styled(usually flipped and wavy)on the top.
-Cashiers sit at the check outs, and shoppers bag their own groceries. Sometimes you have to pay for plastic bags and the parking lot!
-The pubs around here still have medieval names like "The King's Head" or the "Dancing Boar" 

I love you all very much! and I love all the emails. Please email me! It brightens my day when I see the email notification!

- Sister Haynie

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