Monday, August 24, 2015

This Is Not A Cheap Experience! (August 24th, 2015)

Hello everyone! I hope you all know that I love you so much! I really
appreciate the emails that are being sent! I can't get enough of them!

This week has been crazy! Last week our schedule was so booked and we
got to meet with a lot of people. This week was also booked but pretty
much everyone canceled! But it has built my testimony of the need to
back up plan! And even though pretty much our whole week was canceled,
it felt like it was productive and filled! Even though it may have
looked bad, I was able to see that God still blessed us for our
diligence in working even though we could have slacked off. But that
actually never would happen because Sister Ranck is too ready for that
kind of stuff. She always knows what to do! Hopefully one day I will
be able to do that as well.

This week I want to try to make up for the lack of pictures, hopefully
they go through this time.

(Because of issues placing pictures within the posts, for whatever reason, see the Mission Pictures posts for pictures from Lisa. Thank you!)

This week I have been able to feel a bit of the love that Christ has for random strangers. I want to cry for the people who say, "No, thank you" not because I feel like I get rejected all the time, but because I have something that is so wonderful, such a gift, an incredible support through this hard life, and something that I know they need!

For the whole of my mission until this last Thursday, I questioned God, why is it so hard for us to find those God has prepared? I know there are those who are prepared, but why is it so very hard to find them? But last Thursday, during our district meeting, we listened to a musical/talk compilation called something along the lines of missionary work and the power of the atonement. Elder Holland said that this work is so hard because SALVATION IS NOT A CHEAP EXPERIENCE. If the saviour had to experience what he had to for us, is it so hard of a suggestion that we have to have some hard trials in this life? That definitely answered my question.

If anyone is struggling at this time, I would suggest that they go watch the Mormon message, Mountains to Climb. It beautifully explains what we are to do when we face any trial.

Random things
- it is true that swear words in America are not swear words here. I cannot count the number of times I have visited sweet elderly sisters from the church and have snapped my head up in surprise when I hear the word hell or damn come out of their mouths! Or from the mouths of other missionaries! So strange!
- the power of Donnie and Marie Osmand. I have actually come across a couple members who said that they were initially converted because they loved Donnie Osmond!

I love you all! I love my Savior Jesus Christ! I know this is God's one and only true church on the earth that has the truth in its entirety!

- Sister Haynie

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