Monday, July 27, 2015

Continued. . . Week 1 In The Field (July 27th, 2015)


Just kidding. So Sister Ranck had the brilliant (once agin) idea to type up our email before-hand on the iPad and then we can do our emails at the chapel since we are going to a members house nearby on Monday evenings anyway. So here is the rest of my letter, and hopefully this will answer all the questions you all had this week.

This week sister Ranck and I visited a sister who just got baptised, named Vicki! She is one of the most sincere people I have ever met and I can't wait to see more of her! It is people like her that makes all the hardships worth it!

On Sunday, we had talks in sacrament meeting! I know, right? First week there and let's slam the new missionaries with talks. But it was actually really great! This way most of the members will already know who we are, plus we can let them know that we are here, ready to work hard to build up their ward! The members are so sweet! Our first night here, we had no idea where we were going but as we were leaving London, where the mission office is, and heading out to our areas, luckily we had a set of elders headed out the same direction and they were able to help sister Ranck and I with our six bags (between us). And then a couple from the ward called us and asked if we needed any help and were able to give us a lift from the train station to our flat! It isn't too far of a walk, but with our bags, it would have been a nightmare! Any one who is wanting to go on a mission, unless you know you are in an all driving mission, pack really light! Half the stuff you don't really need anyways, it is just comfort stuff.

Anyways, the talks went great and we got to meet a lot of the members. The ward is so small though! It is pretty big for these parts, but compared to the wards back home, it is tiny. Our primary would probably be half the size this ward is. But everyone in attendance, you know is strong and faithful, because out here it is really easy to go inactive. There are so many listed in our area book as inactive or less active. The youth is tiny. There are probably 10 between the young men and young women's. But sister Ranck and I are going to change that. We are also going to get more people out there. I don't think I will ever complain again about an American ward again. Besides, this way it will be easier for us to get to know everyone!

The classes on Sunday were amazing as well! We were teaching the gospel principles class (only learned that we were, like two minutes before) and one of the members had brought a friend and she was very interested in learning although she said she didn't have religious beliefs. But while we taught/the friend and her mom taught, I could tell that the spirit was touching this woman's heart. It was something wonderful to witness. And really it was the whole class that taught her.

Oh man! The strength and testimony of the people in this ward is incredible!

The last thing I really want to say is that everyone needs to help the missionaries! The members really are the best way to find. Finding people on the street is almost, not totally, pointless. People already know the members and trust them. They have that relationship with them that can't be made with a 2 year or 18 month missionary. So help the missionaries! Please just invite a friend to church or to an activity! You would be amazed at how receptive people can be!

Love y'all!

- Sister Haynie

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