Thursday, July 9, 2015

First Day in England - Quick "I'm Alive" Email (July 9th, 2015)

So I am alive and well at the England MTC in Preston! The flight was very long but I liked it for my first flight ever. I was still nervous, sick to my stomach but it got better! Clouds are awesome! Especially when you are on a plane above them, in between them! They really do look like cotton candy being pulled apart!

It is beautiful here in England! I have  not seen London yet but one day... And the weather is quite nice right now. Warm for the Brits, a little cool for me, but at one point it was sunny, blue skies.

I really am doing well. I met up with three other missionaries when I landed in England and all my luggage was there, thank goodness! There were like seven other missionaries who missed their flights/had delayed flights so they are staying at a hotel tonight. Jemma is one of those:( I was really hoping to finally get to meet her in person.

Did you know how hard it is to switch from saying Lisa Haynie to Sister Haynie? It is really hard! Three or four times I have had to correct myself. And I have already said pants instead of trousers and one of the sisters here that lives in England gave me a funny look for a second until I corrected myself. 

I did try to call you from the the Houston airport but I couldn't figure out how to get my calling card to work.

Everyone has been really nice (accept for the one guy who was checking passports.)

I am now officially, officially a Sister missionary! Badge and all! 

Carson, you and I should have a talk right before you leave your mission if you are nervous when you leave. After the first flight it really isn't that bad at all!

I love you all and miss you (for now.) Thank you for all you support and great examples. Day one down! Many more to go!

Oh and badges are awesome! Their virtual power is incredible!

- Sister Haynie

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