Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Talking and Walking and Learning, Oh My! (October 26th, 2015)

So, very slowly I am learning how similar sister Fillmore and I am.
Which is weird because at the same time we are so different.  And I am not just talking about looks. She just gets me and I seem to get her. It might be an American thing. We just like a lot of the same things
and come from similar backgrounds and she just gets me missionary-wise as well.

This week, we had a little more time in a certain part of our area than we were expecting, but we had to stay there until another appointment later in the afternoon, so we had to do all of the back up plans that we could think of and then some, part of that included our lunch which included an interesting walk through a ginormous church graveyard. It was a very overcast and gloomy day, so you can imagine our feelings about that...  But we had a good long talk about how to be better missionaries and having back-up plans under a big tree in the rain, ... But outside the cemetery.

This week I am starting to learn that some times... No, pretty much all the time, you need to just do things. You cannot always wait for a ray of sunshine to start being positive or believing there is such a thing
as the sun, especially this time of year in England. Sometimes you just need to get over yourself. So that is my mission for now... I will get back to you on how that works out.

But I love you all and am learning and growing here loads in the UK even though it hurts sometimes. But all for my benefit :) oh man, things are at a whole new level when you are out in the mission field.
As sister Ranck, my trainer would say, you gotten love it!

- Sister Lisa Haynie

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