Monday, November 16, 2015

Christmas is Coming! (November 2nd, 2015)

Hello all!

It is really different out here in England because everyone goes straight from the little bit of Halloween they do have, to Christmas! I feel like something is missing and then I think, "oh yeah,  they don't celebrate thanksgiving, duh! That is purely American." But it is nice to see how a lot of shops and stores go all out on decorations! I can't believe Christmas is so close! I remember when September seemed light years away!

This week, once again has been all over the place. Sister Fillmore and I were invited to join the missionary Christmas choir because we live so close to London. We went to our first practice last Wednesday and it was crazy. The choir conductor is Sister Ashby (who is from Arizona and one of her kids lives in Vail!) works so fast! I can sing and read music alright but this is something different. We will see if we can keep up.

On Halloween, we went on what we call a blitz. It is where you and your companion split up (staying in sight and sound of each other of course) and you talk to as many people and cover as much area as you can. We did that for an hour and it was really interesting. We were able to find two people who seem really solid, but that isn't the best part. The best part is that my confidence was restored! For the past couple of transfers, I have gotten scared of talking to people. I had over thought the reactions people might give me or what they might to say, pretty much, psyching myself out. But then we went and talked to lots of people and even though some said no, everything was fine! And I realised, I can do this! It helps to feel confident about what you do. And don't get me wrong, it wasn't just me. I had to lean on Christ for it all, and man does it help!

We also had a lesson with one of our "eternal investigators" (which just means that we have been teaching them for forever) Danny, and it was amazing. So he speaks French more than English so things get lost in between. But this time we had a member who is actually Portuguese but speaks like 4 languages and one happens to be French. OH MAN IT WAS SOOO GOOD! However, at one point Danny tried the " you-only-say-these-things-are-true-and-this-is-the-only-true-church-because-you-were-born-in-it-and-have-never-tried-anything-else" card. I hate it when people say that to me and as my mind was racing to give him the I-have-asked-for-myself spiel, sister Fillmore was taken over by the spirit. It was a sight to behold. She straightened up to her full sitting height (and she is tall so it really added to the feeling) looked Danny in the eyes, and bore a powerful, undeniable testimony of our call from THE prophet of God as representatives of Christ and the authority we have as missionaries set apart by the priesthood to testify of these truths! All was quiet for a few moments. For a second I thought that Danny would be upset and it would that awkward moment after someone is rebuked, but Danny quietly and reverently said thank you.

That room was filled with the spirit so strongly! I have never seen anything like that before but am excited to see more as I come to know the spirit better in this work!

I love this work! It is the lords work and I invite you all to be a part of it! And if you think that you can't or it is too hard or takes too much time, email me about it! I can give you a hundred and one ways to simply do missionary work. It really doesn't take turning in your papers and 2 years of you life to do it!

Thank you all for you payers and support! I really do love you all!


- Sister Lisa Haynie

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