Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mesa, Arizona Temple!

Going to The House of The Lord!

Mesa, Arizona Temple

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved this Temple. More specifically, the Temple grounds, as I had never been inside. Many Christmas times my family and I would visit the Temple grounds to see the beautiful Temple lights with the many nativity scenes and the gigantic three wise men on the grounds behind the visitors center.

 The Huge North Star

 My sister and niece in front of the gigantic Wise Men
 Brothers, sister and grandma surrounded by beautiful lights.
The Mesa Temple

I have always just had a love for being on these sacred grounds with the thing that is most important to me! My family! It is no coincidence that I feel the most peace while with my family at the place where families can be sealed together forever!

So you can imagine my excitement...

when I get to go in the Temple myself for the first time! The experience was incredible and new! It was different than anything I experienced before. I felt the Spirit with me through it all. The Temple is the House of the Lord where one makes promises with God and he blesses you and makes it possible for families to be together forever!
That was my absolute favorite part! Being in the House of the Lord with many members of my family. My dad's parents, my parents, my mom's mom, my oldest brother and his wife, my oldest sister and her husband, my second oldest brother, and a surprise, my cousin and his wife who had no idea I was going through that day!
Me and me Mom in front of the Temple!

My brother Scott, my dad, my brother Brad, my aunt Ruth and her kids(in the back with), my dad's mom, and his dad!

I am so excited to go back again soon!

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