Monday, November 16, 2015

Patience is a Virtue! Always! (November 10th, 2015)

Hello everyone! I just have to say that God is great!


You have to have patience in order to be able to witness his greatness. Sister Fillmore always says that patience is one of the lessons you will always continue to learn over and over... And over again.

So for the last little bit, I have been struggling talking to people on the street, on the bus, on the tube, etc and I am sure you have all heard enough of it. I should be able to talk to strangers about the Gospel like a pro by now. For whatever reason I have not gotten it. BUT...  this week a lot of things happened. Thursday morning we had a powerful Zone meeting. It wasn't the run of the mill zone meeting where you feel the happy spirit because you are with other missionaries, but it was an intense and serious spirit. We talked a lot about picking things up and working harder and being accountable to the Lord. And it really sparked a fire in me. I want so badly to be a great servant for God and his children but I just don't have the hang of it yet. ( A lot of it has to do with exact obedience, in the smallest things. More on that another time.)

Then directly after Zone Meeting, I went on exchanges with one of my Sister Training Leaders, Sister Pan Scorciello ( born in Argentina, raised in Spain. She is really wonderful!) in Watford. We sang to old folk and it was so fun! Just like back home, I almost forgot that I was a missionary! But then the interesting stuff start happening!

The sisters area in Watford is a biking area, and I have never biked on my mission, so I was nervous at first. I am in a skirt for crying out loud! Any ways, riding wasn't too bad but the best part was that it was POURING RAIN! I am not even joking about how it was the best. I felt like a proper missionary! Biking in the rain and dark and everything! We were soaked but miracles happened anyway. We stopped by a potential investigator that the Watford Sisters had tried to stop by so many times, and this time she let us in and the lesson was so amazing. And then we went to see a ton of other people but they all fell through and we ran out of back-up plans. So we had about an hour and a half before our next appointment. Uhhhhm? Was my first reaction. But sister Pan decides to just find/oym (open your mouth) until then. So pretty much talking to people. Now just picture this. It is about 5:30 in England which means that it is already very dark and it is also raining and fairly cold. And we are going to stop strangers and talk to them? Now if it had been up to me, I would have just given up and gone back to the flat but sister Pan just started stoping people. And people stopped and talked to us! I know! Surprising! Not everyone but way more than I would have ever thought would. So this was something else that added to my amazing week. I no longer fear the early darkness here in England. People will still talk to you! Huge obstacle removed in one evening!

Then the next day was just as amazing. Plans went wrong but miracles were abundant! It was really cool to be a witness of them!

And then, the next day (Saturday if you are lost) we had a mission wide fast and blitz (see previous email for definition of blitz) and I actually went and talked to people by myself! I know Heavenly Father was preparing me for that!

Moral of this whole email is have patience with Heavenly Father and his blessings, they are always on the way if you know you are doing what you need to. Heaven knows he is patient with us and our imperfections!

Just quickly, I must say that Sunday is always such a relief out here! No matter how stressed out I get in the week, whenever I go to church, all my cares and worries just seem to melt away... At least for three hours. I love it!

I also love you all! Thank you for the prays and I hope you are all doing splendid!

Last second challenge! Talk to someone you don't know this week. It can be as simple as complimenting them or as intense as a full blown conversation. Just try it. The feeling is amazing! Just try to uplift them!


- Sister Lisa Haynie

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