Saturday, March 19, 2016

Mothers Day! (March 7th, 2016)

So this week has been good! By the way, yesterday was British
Mothering Sunday which is pretty much our Mother's Day. Happy Mother's
Day mum! Thank you for all that you have ever done for everyone! You
are the best!

Our very good friend Roger is still going strong! He is so good! He
does it all. It really has nothing to do with. He is the one who needs
this and is making it happen. Our ward mission leader made a comment
that he come ready with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, humble
and ready!  It is so wonderful to be able to witness miracles happen I
someone else's life!

Not much time! But I love you all and know this is Christ's true
church on earth!


Sister Lisa Haynie!

Back at Dover!

Dover and the Gillingham and Canterbury District!

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On 29 Feb 2016, at 18:21, Lisa Haynie <> wrote:

If thought last week was good, this week was probably 10 times better!
We smashed it this week! Of course not everything was perfect but that
just meant that we were able to learn more and more! I have grown a
lot more in this last two weeks than almost my whole almost-8-months

Not entirely sure why, but God has seen fit to bless this area more
than he has ever before.

The fire of missionary work is beginning to catch light! I know that
all wards have their quirks, but this ward is literally my favourite,
I don't care that I have only been in two. I don't think another will
ever compare. And it only gets better.

Something I have been really trying to do these last few weeks is come
to know my Savior better. I really want to be able to lean on him
instead of trying to do everything myself. So I have been slowly
working my way through the New Testament and it is making all the
difference! My mind has not been blown and I am not studying deep
things, I am simply learning of my Savior. The type of person he is.
It is amazing and it is really helping!

Roger(the miracle from last week) is doing so well! Beyond anything I
could have hoped for! He really is a a Golden Investigator. He really
wants to better his life and knows that it is through the atonement of
Jesus Christ that he can. He was able to be there for a baptism for an
8 year old girl in the other ward, and when we asked him what he
thought he said, "it must be such an incredible feeling to go down and
then come up and be clean!" I couldn't have put it better myself!

It has strengthened my testimony of the atonement so much! it is real!
And also of missionary work! There are people really out there who are
ready for their life to change and to be made better! I am so honoured
to be a small part of that journey!

I love you all and am so thankful for your support!


Sister Lisa Haynie!

Ruins in whitstable. 

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